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RE: Chunk Copy!

From: John Hostler



Dear Friend,

Ihave to admit that my own foray into PLR a few years back had me turned off to it for a LONG time...

I'm like anybody... and when I saw a chance to make fast easy money by letting someone else handle all the product creation grunt work, I was intrigued.

In my mind I began counting the cash I was going to make... "Ok John, if you spend an hour tweaking this out and adding your own flavor to it, with just 2% conversions that's a fast $1000 profit!"

Well, my quick math made my mind up for me.

So, I logged into my handy dandy PayPal account to check the funds -- and yep, I had a spare $67 in there just waiting to be spent. $67 that was about to turn into $1000 (or so I thought)!

A couple quick clicks and I was off to the download page to grab my brand new PLR!

Has This Ever Happened To You?

While my PC was doing the download dance, I decided I had better go grab my "eens" (caffeine and nicotine) in order to help power me through my PLR tweaking process...

20 minutes later I got back from the local convenience store, "eens" in hand, ready to buckle down, do a little work, and make some fast cash.

Much to my dismay however, once I began looking through my newly downloaded PLR product, it occurred to me that I just might have made an error in my calculations on time to profit.

You see... I ended up with a zip file crammed with crap.

Have you ever purchased PLR only to discover that the graphics look like they were designed by a 6 year old on his etch a sketch?

Have you ever dropped your hard earned cash on a PLR product to find that the Sales Letter is just 2 pages long -- and so ridiculously bad that it couldn't sell water to a thirsty man lost in the desert?

Have you ever spent good money on PLR with the promise of "no effort" income, only to discover that it would cost you more money to fix what you bought than it would just to create the damn product from scratch yourself?

A Chance Visit To The Gas Station Made Me Look At It All A Little Differently...

Flash forward a couple years later and I'm at the local Marathon gas station filling up on gas, chips, and Mountain Dew -- and I go to pay for everything at the counter...

As I step up to lay out my credit card I notice a bottle of "Marathon Man" pep pills with the local gas station owner's information on the packet.

This struck me as crazy -- I mean, a local gas station that had their own pep pills. So, out of curiosity I asked the guy working there what the deal was.

He mentioned that the owner Private Labeled an existing formula through a local supplement manufacturer and they kept all the profit -- apparently made a nice little chunk of change off of it too.

I hopped in the car to go home and my mind began running a mile a minute -- sure I had been unlucky on my first venture into PLR, but ANYTHING could be made into PLR when you really got down to it...

And that meant there was a LOT of money out there in PLR just waiting to be had.

Forget About Effort And Hard Work And Just Plug And Play Your Way To Profit...

Since my little gas station "awakening" I have profited handsomely from PLR by locating quality PLR, tweaking it to my satisfaction, and then selling it.

Sure... these require a little effort to get them up to my standards... but they have definitely made money!

I've also partnered up on PLR and PLR type membership sites and made some good coin from those over the past year as well.

But 1 thing has been in the back of my mind for all this time... the "best PLR product ever"...

What if I could create a product so fantastic that it could make you money (and lots of it) if ALL you did was put your payment info on the order button and send it live...

What if I created a PLR product so freakin' good it was nearly bulletproof cash profit for you even if you barely lifted a finger with them?

Well, you know what...

That is EXACTLY what I have done for you today!

Introducing: Chunk Copy With Private Label Rights For The First 97 To Act...

Some marketers have been known to argue about the most crucial component of a successful and profitable launch...

And there's 2 sides to the argument about which is more important -- sales copy or the product -- with one side strongly in favor of copy over the product and the other side just the opposite.

Regardless of which side you stand on, one thing is for sure... if your sales copy sucks, then nobody will see your product anyway, because nobody will be buying!

That's why -- when I decided to create what might just be the most plug and profit PLR product known to man...

I knew the sales copy had to be the BEST!

So, I didn't hire it out or pawn it off with the hopes that I would get some halfway decent Sales Letter for you...

No, I wrote it from scratch myself.

In case you don't know me, what I do, or why that means something -- I've written sales copy for many of the elite marketers and the top online businesses and made them MILLIONS of dollars over the past couple years.

I regularly get paid $5000-10,000 or more just to write a single long form Sales Letter and the most recent copy project I took on will likely make me tens of thousands of dollars in royalties this year alone...

That's all in addition to my up front fee.

The reason I command fees like this is because my copy works, plain and simple.

Now, I'm not sharing this to brag... frankly I am a pretty humble dude by nature and I like to keep money talk close to the chest...

However, I am sharing this with YOU today, because I want you to know just who you're getting in your corner to write a high conversion Sales Letter for you, if you're just one of the 97 that get this offer in time!

In case you're thinking, "Well that sounds great, and the thumbnail image you have right here certainly looks like the start of a decent letter, but how do I know how good this thing REALLY is?"

Well my friend... I appreciate caution and your desire to make sure this is a good fit for you.

So that's why I linked the thumbnail to the left to a live version of this Sales Letter.

Yep... click the image above and go check it out for yourself (opens in a new window). Don't take too long with it though, because I'm only letting 97 copies of Chunk Copy with PLR go -- and I imagine they will go FAST!

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Killer Sales Letter... Check!

But What About Content... The Product Itself?

Yes, you can see for yourself that the Sales Letter you'll be getting is top of the line -- but what about the product... is that as incredible as the Saleslatter?

Well, check out everything you're getting below when you grab PLR to this one of a kind offer (including all the varied formats you'll receive)!

Chunk Copy Video Tutorials : 3 Hours To Sizzling Hot Copy Techniques That Will turn ANYONE Into A Top Copywriter In 3 Just Hours From Now! Value $997!

People usually don't want to talk copy because they think it's dull or boring...

Frankly I don't blame 'em because I've listened to some REALLY dry copy discussions in my time.

That's just ONE difference between my course and others -- you'll find yourself so sucked in and excited about what we're talking about, you'll lose all track of time!

And hey... you're gonna uncover my secrets for generating a ton of cold hard cash with your sales copy, so all the better:)

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover in this AMAZING video course...

The Full Chunk Copy Method - Watch over my shoulder as I show you EVERYTHING behind this incredibly easy and highly effective copywriting method that will have you rocking out cash sucking Sales Letters in 3 hours from now!

My Top To Bottom Theory - Find out EXACTLY why you'll never EVER catch me writing a Sales Letter from top to bottom and how writing top to bottom can drastically reduce your sales conversions!

The "Left Hand" Numbers - Find out the simple yet highly effective method I use for making sure that I keep as many people reading down my Sales Letters and on through the buy button - each and EVERY time!

The Look But Don't Touch Concept - Discover what it is that people do before they'll read one single word of your Sales Letter and find out how you can be absolutely certain they're not just clicking away without giving you a chance!

The Style Factor - See how I make a Sales Letter "pop" with just a few quick clicks of a mouse and how you can literally change the feel of your own Sales Letter in just a few minutes!

The Chunk Copy Transformation - Watch live as I show you how to implement Chunk Copy on PLR Sales Letters so you can quickly and easily transform them from PLR Junk to deadly effective sales converters!

And so much more!

This 3 Hour 3 Video Series Comes In Flash Format:



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4 Chunk Copy Ready Made Templates. Just Plug In The chunks and Presto...You Have An Instant Cash Producing Professional Salespage: Value $197!

You know -- it's one thing for me to spout off at the mouth about doing this and doing that and "whammo"... you have great copy...

But it's another thing entirely for me to hand you a simple plug 'n' play template where I lay out all the important "chunks" for you...

And tell you what to write and where to write it.

Yep -- this COULD equate to fast cash in your pockets because now you TRULY could be whipping out high powered Sales Letters in a flash, almost without even having to think!

These valuable templates come in 4 colors, Black (as shown to the left), Blue, Red, and Green.

Use the clean and professional looking web site graphics I provide for you with these Chunk Copy Templates, or copy and paste the contents of the sites into your own graphics.

It's entirely up to you -- and either way -- it's like a super charged quick start no matter how you slice it.

These templates are yours FREE when you secure Chunk Copy for yourself today!

The 4 Ready Made Templates Come In This Format:



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Chunk Copy Secret Resource Guide: Value $47!

This next bonus, worth at LEAST $47, contains my little bag of tricks that allows me to tweak my Sales Letters to the style that gives them the PROFESSIONAL Edge they have over other sales letters out there that are merely getting by!

People are always asking me questions about how I add certain visual elements to my Sales Letters...

"John, how'd you do that shadow"... "John, where'd you get the code for that drop cap"... "John, how'd you do that handwriting font?"...

And on and on and on.

Well, now I'm letting you in on ALL my secrets with the Chunk Copy Secret Resource Guide... every cool or little known resource I personally use to distinguish my Sales Letters from all the others...

Now, they're YOUR secret resources too, thanks to this valuable bonus!

This Incredible Resource Guide Comes In These Formats:



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Chunk Copy Checklist: Value $37!

Don't you just hate it when you run through those to-do's in your mind and you have that nagging suspicion you forgot something?

Well, that "nagging feeling" in sales copy could mean a loss of thousands of dollars in sales if you miss just one crucial component.

That's why I created this Chunk Copy Checklist for you -- use it after you've written your Sales Letters to ensure that ALL the critical conversions "chunks" are in place before you take your offer live!

This valuable bonus is yours free with your investment in Chunk Copy today:)

My High Powered Checklist Comes In These Formats:



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Bonus #4 - Chunk Copy Legal Forms: Value $97!

Bonus #4 truly could be a product all on its own and I could probably make a pretty penny by selling it that way...

However, Bonus #4, the Chunk Copy Legal Forms, is also yours free with the Chunk Copy course today.

You know those links you see at the bottom of most web pages... links like the ones below?

Well, these bad boys link to legal documents that are required on your web sites by the FTC...

There's been a ton of copyright violations with a number of widely known legal form kits in Internet marketing, so unless you paid an attorney to draft your own documents, you might be risking infringement without even knowing it.

Now, you can be compliant and feel secure, knowing that you have legal forms, originally drafted by an attorney for your use!

Many attorneys whack you for thousands for these kinds of legal docs -- and these are yours free, for use on all your own web sites, when you secure your copy of Chunk Copy today.

These Legal Forms Come In These Formats:



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Yes, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the value of all the content included in this product for you... in fact, if you're like many, you'll want to delve into this yourself so you can find out how YOU can create your own bad ass Sales Letters in no time at all.

Now, you might think that I'm done here, but I'm not. I've got one more little item up my sleeves for you today:

Chunk Copy Graphics: Value $297!

While my hand drawn ecover from above may have been a little poetic license on my part with regard to the look of some PLR graphics...

I'd hazard to guess that a good deal of us have seen some pretty damn ugly graphics in PLR products we've bought in the past.

That's why I grabbed my top guy and told him to go to town on the Chunk Copy graphics, which you can see in the very letter you're reading right now.

In fact, he went into town and right on through it by burning out some high def graphics with cutting edge new action scripts so the covers in this package have a bold new look!

And of course, they're included for you, once you grab one of just 97 spots!

And to sweeten the pot, I've included them in both JPEG and PSD format so you can tweek or change them if you like and know how to work with graphics. That gives you the opportunity to make YOUR Chunk Copy Sales Page Uniique!

These Eye Grabbing Graphics Come In These Formats:



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Let's Just Recap Everything You're Getting With The Chunk Copy PLR Package Today:

Chunk Copy Module
Professionally Written Sales Letter By Me
3 Hour 3 Video Chunk Copy Tutorials
4 Chunk Copy Ready Made Templates
Chunk Copy Secret Resource Guide
Chunk Copy Checklist
Chunk Copy Legal Forms
Eye Popping Chunk Copy Graphics
Total Value

There's no need for me to fluff up the value here -- I think it's plain to see how you could EASILY drop over $6500 to put this program together yourself...

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And There's Just So Much You Can Do With This Package That You'll Probably Find The Money Streaming In From All Over The Place...

This opportunity is one of those rare occasions that can come and go as quick as you can blink an eye. And it's not just the incredible package that you're getting... it's that you can do so much with it...

Here's just a fraction of what you can do with Chunk Copy With PLR, once you're one of the lucky 97 people to take action now:

Put Your Payment Links On The Letter And Sell Chunk Copy For 100% Profit

Edit The Sales Letter And Change Up The Offer And Sell For 100% Profit

Use A Similar Version Of THIS Sales Letter And Sell PLR To Your Customers

Break Up The Content Into Multiple Products And Sell For WAY More Money

Break Up The Content Into Smaller Bite Sized Chunks And Drip Feed It

Add This Course To Your Own Paid Membership Site...

Really... I could go on and on and on. Bottom line is you get PLR to this course and you get to sell PLR. There's so many incredible ways to pull cash out of this that I could take up a hundred pages with that alone!

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Let's Bottom Line This Opportunity, Available To Only 97 Smart Marketers...

So... how much for all of this?

Listen, I'm not putting this in the hands of every Tom, Dick, and marketer online. I'm only allowing it to go to 97 smart marketers that know value when they see it.

If you were to have me write a Sales Letter like the one you're getting here, you'd have to shell out $5000 and perhaps a royalty which could run thousands more.

To have me create your content for you -- well, $997 would be on the conservative side, if I could even get the time on my schedule to do it.

And -- for access to my personal resource rolodex, my ready made plug and play templates, the checklist, and the legal forms... well, you can imagine that would run you a great deal more.

To say that this is worth at least $6500 is an understatement -- and anyone that has outsourced their product creation knows this to be true.

But... I'm not asking thousands... Hell, I'm not even gonna ask $500!

For the first 97 (and these should go quickly) this entire package is yours today for just $497... $397... $347... no -- this is all yours for the low one time investment of only $67!

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Plus I'll step outside the norm for PLR and I'll even make the risk here all mine with my...

Unparalleled 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee


Be one of just 97 to secure your copy of Chunk Copy With PLR. I think you'll quickly see why this is just so exciting and gives you license to print cash on demand.

But... if for ANY reason within 30 days you decide you're not completely satisfied, then simply drop me an email and let me know and I will issue a prompt and courteous refund in full.

John Hostler & Len Thurmond

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I call this guarantee unparalleled for one simple reason...

9 outta 10 times you won't see ANY guarantee on PLR offers. But not here. I'm so confident that Chunk Copy With PLR will make you a profit, that I'll eliminate any bit of risk for you.

If for ANY reason within the first 30 days you decide this is NOT for you... well then...
just Let me know and I'll issue you a no questions asked refund in full.

Once 97 Of These Are Scooped Up This PLR Offer Will Be Pulled From The Shelves For Good!

I think by now we'll both agree that the guys that really make the money online are the cats selling their own products.

And I think we can also agree that most of them are probably outsourcing most of that product creation, saving themselves the time and effort and allowing them to focus on revenue generation strategies.

Well, this offer is just like you hired me to build out this incredible Chunk Copy program for you... and only 97 PLR copies are being released, so this is sure to go fast.

Ever heard of that dude Sun Tzu?

Yeah, he's the guy that penned the classic, Art Of War. Well, he once wisely said, “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

They DO multiply...

I've shown you just a few ways you'll profit from this opportunity... and those will continue to grow and multiply for you over time.

All you have to do is seize the opportunity before it's gone by clicking the order button below now:

To your success,

John "Chunk" Hostler

PS - This package, possibly the best and most plug 'n' profit PLR package in existence, is ONLY available to the first 97 that snatch it up. This baby has real value and I refuse to diminish that. I expect that this will sell out VERY quickly, so don't hesitate to secure your spot today!

PPS - Why in the world don't most PLR products come with a guarantee? Probably because they know that once you see what they're selling, you'll realize you've been "had". Well, not here. I would be surprised if you wanted your money back after you see everything that is included firsthand -- but hey, if for ANY reason within 30 days you decide that this is not for you, just drop me a line and I'll promptly and courteously refund you in full.

PPPS - Click here to be one of the lucky 97 Savvy Entrepreneurs to get this!



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