About Len Thurmond

Len Thurmond

Len has been marketing on the Internet since 1995, and is one of the best known authors and newsletter publishers in the Internet World Today.

Through his highly acclaimed Newsletter, his many Seminar and Tele-seminars speaking engagements, and his coaching programs, he has helped thousands of now successful Entrepreneurs find their niche, and make it profitable.

For the last couple of years, Len has dedicated his time to exploring, perfecting and then teaching the art of Keyword specific, Content based Websites, used to build huge targeted lists, sell massive amounts of niche products, and create huge Adsense incomes, in very short periods of time.

And to facilitate that process, Len has developed a number of widely used and important Software products and services such as Amazing Site Builder, Traffic on Steroids, Article Automator, and Auto-Blogger, designed to automate the process of making these Content rich Sites more profitable, and give them more longevity.

His latest collaboration resulted in Traffic Genesis, which has taken the Net by Storm, and promises to be one of the most important Marketing Services of all time. This incredible new HIGHLY Optimized Web Site Creation System is allowing thousands to finally make some REAL money on the Internet, and build businesses that will last a Lifetime!

To Quote Len….

“Everyone is looking for the ‘Silver Bullet’! That one ‘Get Rich Quick’ idea that works. And I hate to burst your bubble, but there just Ain’t no such animal! Your level of success (or lack there of) will always be directly in proportion to the amount of hard work you’re willing to put into it.”

“That said…Free Search Engine Traffic and the Contextual Advertising Industry, offer the closet thing to a ‘Silver Bullet’ that I believe we will ever see!”

“The Trick is to Know How to get it, and WHAT to do with that traffic, once you have it!”