I’ve gotten a number of emails and calls from angry people lately, so I decided to chime in on the following subject that I had originally decided to leave alone.

But then again, those that know me, know that keeping my mouth shut has never been one of my strong suits!

Have you noticed all the WannaBe FTC packages that have been popping up lately?

Ya think maybe some smart marketers are trying to take advantage of a unique opportunity brought about by the FTC’s recently announced New Guidelines that go into effect in less than two weeks, by getting their attorneys to throw together Legal Document Packages that they never had any interest in before?

Of COURSE They Are! They didn’t get rich by “MISSING” opportunities like this!

The problem is, these packages have been hastily conceived, and then hastily thrown together to make them a few quick bucks. NOT to cover your butt from FTC intervention!

One of them even had the nerve to ask for a “MONTHLY” membership fee, to get a few extra forms and keep their member’s documents UPDATED.

Oh yea, and the right to put their fancy “Seal” on a few of your sites (it’s my understanding that if you want to put it on more than 5 sites, you have to pay more), to show to the FTC that you are doing something, not that you are in compliance.

In fact the attorney that put together that package went to GREAT lengths in his interviews and copy, to make sure NO ONE could possibly misunderstand and think that their “SEAL” was anything more than a professional looking symbol that they made up, or that they were standing behind their members in any way!

In fact he said that it did not mean you were compliant, or that it would keep the FTC from investigating you, but that it was their hope that if enough people put their seal on their sites, that the FTC might start recognizing it, and then start to get the idea that you were at least trying, and therefore MIGHT decide to investigate someone else instead of you!

And in the long run, that might be a great idea … for FREE!

But having to pay MONTHLY for the privilege of displaying it for them to make that happen?

In this present membership happy climate when EVERYONE seems to have to find some reason to hit you for a monthly fee for EVERYTHING, I guess this was the best they could come up with on such short notice!

And make no mistake, if nothing else, their “seal” would certainly serve as a great FREE advertisement for sales of  ‘THEIR’ legal package!

They even tried to liken it to the Better Business Bureau seal. But then neglected to say that the BBB seal means that you have been “APPROVED” by the BBB, and if you screw up, they will yank your right to display their seal! So at least it actually means something in the real world!

Even jl Scott’s iCop seal (which I proudly display on my sites) means you have passed their rigid compliance standards, and must continue to meet their criteria to keep it on your site! And trust me, she watches it like a hawk!

No … the truth is, nothing you can get in ANY package, theirs, mine, or anyone else’s, is a guarantee that you will not get investigated.

First off, we have no way of monitoring what you do with our documents or how you use them.

And secondly, you just never know WHAT the heck those pesky FTC guys are gonna do next!

Even people who pay THOUSANDS of dollars to attorneys to have their sites brought into compliance, have no guarantee that they will not be hauled into court by the Feds. Their only advantage is that the attorney that they paid so much to in the first place, will usually represent them in court (for a fee)!

No, the truth is that if you follow their rules as best you can, and give them what they ask for (or at least your best honest effort to do so) the most the FTC would probably do is slap you on the wrist and tell you to make changes.

It’s the ones that snub their noses at them and do NOTHING that are gonna find themselves in court fighting for their business lives.

The only smart thing to do … is to do SOMETHING!

Buy the best package  you can find and do the best you can with it, so that if they decide to look at you, they’ll see that you are at least making the effort to keep them happy.

So in the end, you NEED to either hire an attorney (VERY expensive), or purchase one of these packages that seem to be everywhere at the moment.

But which one should you buy? They’re ALL written by attorneys, so which one is the best?.

I’ll leave that one up to you.  But this much I know …

AutoWebLaw Pro is the ONLY product of it’s kind that has weathered the years and Federal Trade Commission changes. And to my knowledge, for the last 7 years, no one who uses it has EVER been indicted by the FTC …

And since it was just recently updated with 3 new documents and 3 updated ones, to address the new changes in the guidelines,

And since it contains over SEVENTY important business documents that almost every online business owner will need and use sooner or later, many of them over and over again, and at no extra charge (as opposed to the 1, 10, 20 I’ve seen in my competitors products),

And since you automatically get ALL upgrades, for free, for life, with our online data flow system that ensures that your package will ALWAYS be up to date EVERYTIME you open the program,

And since AutoWebLaw Pro is software Driven where you only have to fill in a short form and click a button to get each of your chosen forms (as opposed to having to copy and paste out of a PDF and then go through the documents to find and make the changes you need to customize them to your specific needs),

And since you only have to make a very small investment … ‘ONE TIME’, and NEVER have to join a “Membership” to get updates, more documents, or anything else we add to it, now or in the future,

And since you can use it on as many of your own sites as you wish (preexisting and future sites), now and FOREVER, at no extra charge,

And since you get all this plus several VERY valuable bonuses that come with the program, to make sure you have everything you need to get the job done,

And then couple all that with the fact that most of these “NEW” products that are popping up, will most probably disappear in a few months, once the ‘Hoopla’ and the ‘Profits’ dissipate,

It seems pretty clear to me which one is your best choice!

AutoWebLaw Pro!

But Hey, I AM bit biased! So you should check it out for yourself

Here ==> http://www.AutoWebLaw.com

Just promise me this … No matter HOW you decide to handle this…DO SOMETHING!

Don’t be one of those who waits to see what happens, or you might just end up being one of those that WE are all waiting to see what happens to you!

Course that’s just MY opinion…I could be wrong ;o)

Len Thurmond

PS – Hey, we’re talking Legal Stuff here right? so here’s MY disclaimer…

Nothing said in this article, on this or any other site, or anywhere else, should ever be construed as legal advice. My comments are and always have been my opinions, nothing more nothing less. If you have legal questions, you should always consult your own attorney for advice pertaining to your own situation.

And Yes … I own the product so I DO receive compensation from the sale of AutoWebLaw Pro.

And Yes, should you arrive here or on any of my other sites or products through an affiliate’s link or promotion, there is a good chance they received complimentary review copies of one or more of my products, and OBVIOUSLY they receive commissions for sales made through their affiliate links.

And Yes, I personally receive commissions from any affiliate links that I promote on this site and probably received promotional copies of the products being promoted, as is the custom in this industry. But that does not mean I do not believe in those products. I would never promote anything I hadn’t tried first and believed in.

I would have thought all that would be obvious, but they want me to say it … so there ya go!

Silly? Maybe. But it IS the law!

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