I just found the most incredible Copywriting Tool I’ve ever come across!

It’s called Chunk Copy and it’s the brainchild of one of the best and most sought after Copywriters in the business…John Hostler!


Many people (including myself) have trouble putting together quality sales-pages. "And as I’m sure you’re aware, Sales-Pages" are the most important Key to selling ANYTHING online!

I’ve never had much trouble with words, but my pages always seem to look like a third grader put them together.

And it takes me many days (sometimes WEEKS) to get one to a point where I feel it’s done (that is when I don’t just give up and put it up as is out of frustration).

But John’s new system is SO flippin’ good and easy to use that a child could put together a Killer Sales-page that converts, in just a few hours! He leads you by the hand and tells you what to write and how to write it in tiny little chunks, that make it so easy my 10 year old could do it!

If you’ve EVER struggled with copywriting, or even if you’re just looking for a better system that is guaranteed to make your copy convert better and get it done faster…You NEED to check this out!


I was turned on to this by Paul Meyers who is himself one of the best Word Smiths I have ever known. And I figured if Paul recommended it…It MUST be good.

So I bought it! And MAN was I glad I did!

I immediately trashed one of my sales letters and started again using this system. And before I knew it I had a REALLY good Sales-letter. And I even Truly enjoyed doing it!

(I usually HATE writing copy and always put it off till the last minute, but this was actually FUN! If you’d like to see it, you can go to http://www.PlacementInnovator.com/index2.html)

And … I was SOOOO impressed that I went to John and bought the rights to it so I could make you a special deal and get it out to all my customers and marketing friends!


As I said, if you are marketing anything online (and you must be or you wouldn’t be on my list)…You NEED To See This!

But you need to hurry ’cause I’m limiting it to only 97 copies!

And oh Yea, I almost forgot…I got permission to resell it with PLR rights as well! So YOU can turn around and offer it to YOUR lists and be a hero to them too! ;o)

So Go On…Check it out NOW while you still can!


You’ll DEFINITELY be glad you did!

Here’s to Your Success,


PS – This comes with a Professional sales letter written by John himself and a WHOLE lot more! And you should know that John doesn’t write ANYTHING for under $5000!

PPS – Don’t miss this chance to get what is probably the BEST PLR Product of the Year (if not EVER)! You can turn around and resell it and make your money back with ONE Sale!

And You have NOTHING to lose because I’m even offering a 100% money back guarantee (Something you almost NEVER see with a PLR Product!

PPPS – If you don’t go look, you’ll never know. And I PROMISE you …You’ll kick yourself tomorrow! Seriously … It’s That DAMN GOOD!


CLICK HERE NOW ==> http://www.lenthurmond.com/chunk-copy

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