As I wrote in my last article, I believe that NOW there is a unique opportunity to Make money with contextual advertising through creating blogs around tightly targeted Niches.

Due to the economic crisis, more and more people are spending al LOT more time online. And as long as they are surfing, there is opportunity to get your adsense ads in their faces.

But only if you understand and practice the in’s and out’s of successful Adsense Publishing.

I had planned to write a follow up article to tell you all I know about that subject when I got an email from my good friend and mentor, Joel Comm.

I learned a GREAT deal of what I know about contextual advertising publishing from Joel, who is the undisputed leading expert on the subject.

In fact, THOUSANDS of people paid $97 for his best selling “Adsense Secrets 4” book. And with good reason … His Advice WORKS!

Well…the email I just got from Joel says that he has decided to GIVE AWAY that book to a limited number of people … for FREE!

Of course there is method to his madness. He is hoping you will join his paid monthly newsletter “The Top One Percent Report”.

Now it’s completely up to you, you can join or decline, but I can tell you first hand, it’s a FANTASTIC resource from one of the most successful Internet Marketers in the business! And you get the first month FREE just to try it out.

But either way, whether you decide to continue taking his report or not, you WILL get a copy of his incredible Adsense Secrets book … FREE!

If you haven’t already bought “Adsense Secrets 4” I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of this opportunity while it’s still available!

But even if you already own Adsense Secrets 4, you owe it to yourself to try out Joel’s Top One Percent Report.

The secret to success is continuing education. And you’ll never get any farther ahead than you are right now, if you don’t continue to learn form those who are where you want to be.

And even they continue to learn from each other on a daily basis!

So join the ranks of those who know HOW to succeed…TODAY!

Talk to you soon,


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