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Hey folks,

Today I’m going to go a little more in depth into HOW you set up a list building campaign and actually DO the Relationship Marketing we’ve been talking about.

In the last couple of articles I talked a LOT about how to get people to join your list, but we more or less glossed over the physical side of setting it up, by simply saying you had to have an opt-in box for them to join your list to get “WHATEVER” it is you decided to give them.

The physical nature of the opt-in is simply to put the block of code on your page that you get from your List Manager.

In my case, I use 1ShoppingCart because it makes it easier for me to keep all my lists and products working together.

But it should be said that 1ShoppingCart is an expensive way to go, and unless you have a lot of products and lists that you need to coordinate together, you’d probably be better off with a service like

They are one of the most dependable and reasonable services on the net.

Once you have your Service picked out, you need to make a plan of action.

Getting ready to set up a list building campaign takes a bit of thought ahead of time. You need to write a follow up series of emails that your new list members will receive on a schedule you set up with your service, once they have filled in your opt-in box.

It is usually a good idea to have at LEAST 8 or 10 emails in your series to start with (the More the Better), and to have them go out at first, every day for about a week.

Then you can slow them down a bit …

1 every 2 or 3 days for a week or two,

then one every 3 days to a week for about a month

then once a month … indefinitely.

I know that seems like is a lot of emails to write, but it will pay off in the end. And you don’t have to write them all at once as long as you get them written before the next one is due to go out, after people start signing up.

The important thing is to write enough of the series at first to get you going, and then decide on a schedule that you will LIVE BY to make sure the rest get written in time! This approach can also help to light a fire under your butt to make sure you get it done ;o)

Now, these emails serve several purposes…

They get your new members used to getting frequent emails from you. (trying to get them used to it later will only piss them off and cause them to leave your list. So you want to set that precedent right up front).

They help to weed out the list members that aren’t a good fit for your list, and who would probably leave eventually anyway, without ever buying anything.

AND … It gives you a chance to start the relationship building process and presell them on whatever it is you are leading up to, for them to purchase.

Now I know that sounds a bit contradictory from what I said in my last article about giving of yourself first, BEFORE you ask for money. But really … It’s Not!

You can (and had BETTER) give them a LOT of Good Solid Useful Information they can use NOW with every email you send them to help build that trusting relationship you’re after.

But just because you are giving them information they can use, does not mean that you can’t let them know you have a solution to their unique problem as well.

Just don’t be pushy about it!

Use your product, or service to demonstrate the point you’re making in your helpful emails, and let them come to the conclusion themselves that they should look into your products.

After all, you don’t want to try and hide the fact that you’re selling something. You just don’t want to be blatant about asking them to buy anything until they’ve had a chance to get to know you.

And again, letting them know you have a product or service if and when they are interested, will go a long way towards weeding out the ones who would never buy anything anyway.

When you’re building a relationship with your lists, you WANT the ones that are not what you are looking for, to leave. And you should CELEBRATE each time one does, instead of mourning their loss like most people do.

You are looking for people who will come to like you for who you are. Those are the ones that will stay loyal to you forever, and buy from you time and time again.

As they say in the Marines, “We’re looking For A FEW Good Men”. But Actually, what they mean is, if you are not what we’re looking for, Go Away!

And you need to get thick skinned about it and look at your list building in exactly that way. There is no point in spending time trying to convince anyone that you are a good guy. If they don’t see it right away, then move on and help someone you click with!

There are enough people out there to build you a HUGE list of followers that will love you for who and what you are, to worry about those who don’t.

So when you are writing your followup emails, articles, or anything else, be SURE to keep that in mind and let your true self shine through. You’ll never be able to please everyone, so don’t waste your time trying! Just be you and you’ll NEVER go wrong.

If you’ve been on my list for any time at all, you know without a doubt that I am just a Good Ole’ Southern Boy. And I don’t try to side it or sugar coat it when I write. Cause if you don’t like me for what I am, then “Frankly My Dear … I don’t Give A Damn”!

Now I’ll step down off my soapbox and get back to it …

Once you have a plan of action and a followup series written (or at least started to the point that it will buy you a little time to finish it in time to complete your plan) you need go into your List Management Service and set up an Autoresponder acct for your new list, and program the emails you wrote into it, to go out on the schedule you decided on in your original plan.

In most cases, you would simply go into your acct and set up your new autoresponder by filling out their form, and it will automatically give you the code you need to put onto your site that creates the opt-in box.

Then you would simply paste that code into the source code of your page in any html editor (placing it where you want it to go) and upload it to your site through FTP.

Of course you will need to add whatever convincing text you want your visitor to read that will convince them to fill in your opt-in form in the first place.

You can see an example of how I did it at the bottom of any of my blog Posts at

Originally I had decided to make the Opt-in box on my blog a popup, but since I get a lot of Free traffic from the Search Engines, in the end decided to integrate it into the blog itself so my visitors would see it ‘AFTER’ they’ve read whatever article the search engines recommended to them, that brought them there in the first place.

That way, if they liked what they read, they will be primed to join my list and accept my offer when they get to it ;o)

These are the kinds of things you need to think about before you build your opt-in page. And then of course, you need to track your traffic and monitor it, and test different locations and bribes to get the best results. There are usually tracking facilities that come with your List Management Service that just entail adding a piece of code to your page.

But at the very least you can put Google Analytics on your pages to track where your visitors came from, how long they stayed, and where they go after they leave. this will give you a LOT of incite as to where you should place your opt-in, and how well the copy you put on it is working.

You may need to change the copy, or even the offer. Just continue to test until you have tweaked it as best you can.

But in the end, it’s the followup emails and the individual separate mailings that will convince those new members that join you, to either stay with you, or run for the hills!

This in a nutshell is Relationship Marketing. And it is without a doubt the most POWERFUL form of marketing you can practice.

It’s work to be sure, but it can be fun work as well, and the rewards are incredible!

There is NO deception in good relationship marketing, no manipulation or trickery. Just good old fashioned relationship building. Just like you would do if you were having a beer with a new acquaintance, in the hopes of building a strong friendship.

When you first meet someone and start to get to know each other, you’re BOTH feeling each other out. Sometimes it works out,and sometimes it doesn’t. And in the end you either become friends or you move on with no hard feelings.

But it’s a process you have to go through or you’ll never HAVE any friends!

Relationship Marketing is exactly the same thing!

BOTH you and your new list members are feeling each other out to see if you’re a good fit for one another. And when the fit is right, you will BOTH prosper from the relationship.

So, if you try to always think of your list members in those terms, and NOT as Money sources, they will be your loyal subscribers forever, and the mutual rewards will make you BOTH very happy!


PS … Remember, if you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily build multiple sites that get indexed quickly and bring you the traffic you need to build lists like the ones we’ve been talking about, you owe it to yourself to look into Auto Blogger at

WordPress Blogs are Hands Down the most reliable, customizable, easy to use, and most optimized sites you can build.

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