Today, I’m gonna RANT a bit. So bare with me. It might just help clarify a few things for you. Or it might just piss you off.

But either way, It NEEDS to be said!

There is NO SUCH THING as “Get Rich Quick”

Well, I guess you COULD hit the lottery. But the odds of that happening are less than your getting hit by Lightening … TWICE!

Seems that Everyone out there is looking for that “Silver Bullet”. That one business that they can just pay their monthly fee, do a little work, and turn a profit right away.

But folks, in the REAL world, it just doesn’t work that way!

This rant is coming from my personally seeing SO MANY people giving up and quitting, before they even have a chance to succeed.

And I just needed to get it off my chest once and for all, and archive it for the world to see, in hopes that it will make SOMEONE “WAKE UP” and smell the roses.

As you probably know, I own a number of products and services designed to help people make money with the Internet. And several of them are continuity programs where my members pay a small monthly fee to continue to use my services and tools.

(Monthly Services like and, Plus a number of software tools like Article Innovator, Article Automator, and Traffic on Steroids, that have a one off payment and are just what I said … TOOLS. Nothing more, nothing less. And like ALL tools, they are only as good as the person using them)

But the sad truth is that most members of ANY service, end up quitting because their Success was NOT fast enough.

That Ugly Little “GET RICH QUICK” demon rears it’s ugly little head and destroys the dreams of so many people, so often that it’s scary.

It’s scary because it makes it obvious that SO many people are still looking for that Silver Bullet that doesn’t exist. Even though so many of us are trying our best to make them understand it doesn’t exist.

I LITERALLY hear it just about every day! For Example …

Just yesterday, I had a client that joined one of my programs a little over a month ago, and wrote saying that he had paid his money last month, but hadn’t had the time to get started yet. And now he had just been billed again for the second month.

He THEN stated that he needed help to get started right away, because if he couldn’t build a site that was turning a profit by the end of this pay period, he couldn’t justify the expense any more and would have to quit!

And the scariest part of all was that this person is evidently a seasoned internet marketer! (I don’t think he is too successful, I’ve never heard of him. But he said he was working with some pretty well know people. So he SHOULD know better!)

What I WANTED to say to this person was ” If that’s the way you truly feel, you might as well quit now. Because you will NEVER be successful with an attitude like that!”

Building a business takes Hard Work, Resources, and most of all … TIME! And if you want to work for yourself and have it all, you had DAMN well accept that, stop whining, and just get on with it.

THESE are the facts of life …

In the REAL world, it takes HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars to build a successful business. And of those, MOST do not turn a profit for at least FIVE years. And of all the businesses built, over NINETY Percent FAIL!

And the only difference between Online and Offline businesses, is that the start up fees for an online business are MUCH less than a brick and mortar business.

AND in this industry there are a LOT of people who are wiling to help you get through your learning curve MUCH faster than in any other industry.

For a Fee to be sure. But a HELL of a lot cheaper than hiring the Experts in the Brick and Mortar world.

But trust me … the REST is sill the same.

It takes an attitude of refusing to quit until you get it done, and a willingness to do whatever you have to, to reach that end.

And it’s GONNA take some money! Not as much as a brick and mortar business, but NOTHING in this life is free.

But mostly … it’s gonna take some time!

I guess it’s our fault that everyone is still looking for that silver bullet, and for my part in that, I apologize.

Marketing is about making what we are selling irresistible to our prospects, and although most of us wouldn’t lie about it, it’s not good marketing to dwell on the negative and tell our prospects that it’s gonna be a long hard haul to the success they are seeking.

So we tend to talk about the POSITIVE aspects of using our tools to build your business, and how we made money with whatever we’re selling.

But, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and everything takes time to congeal and start to turn a profit.

The truth is, it took MOST of us YEARS of hard work to get where we are.

It’s just that when we finally achieved success, through YEARS of study and practicing what we learned, putting it all together in different ways, testing and discarding the ones that didn’t work, while adding up the ones that did…

We achieved our “Over Night Success”!

Because when it comes, it tends to come fast!

But it’s the years before those successes that the “Get Rich Quick Seekers” tend to overlook or forget.

There is a saying in the business that most of us joke about …

“How Many Years Did It Take YOU To Become An Over Night Success?”

And it will usually do just that … Take YEARS to find success.

So if you are looking for that get rich quick scheme that works, you might as well go back to your 9 to 5. As horrible as that may be, it would be better than the feeling of failure you’re BOUND to get from continuing to jump from one program to another saying “I paid my money … Why am I not rich?”

Find one you believe in and stick with it!

Just Keep on Truckin!

Keep Putting one foot in front of the other and you WILL get there.

How long it will take you will depend on how well you learn from others that have gone before you, AND from your own mistakes. And how Quickly you can move those FEET ;o)

Here’s to YOUR success,

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9 Comments so far

  1. Deidre Mullis on August 16, 2008 6:45 am

    Thanks Len!

  2. Jennifer on August 16, 2008 7:24 am

    You are SO right about what you say here. Unfortunately, the IM industry is to blame for creating and perpetuating the “get rich quick” mentality, in my opinion.

    There are some really good copywriters out there. It seems like once a week a new “system” comes out that is guaranteed to be the one to help you quit your day job within a few months at most. The sales page always has at least one testimonial from someone who made thousands in his first month.

    I guess the sales pages read this way because that’s what sells. That’s what people want to hear.

    I wish i’d read this post years ago. If so, i may be rich right now. Instead, i spent years not seeing fast results and therefore burning through my money on program after program that was “guaranteed” to make me money in 7 days.

    It was only after i realized what you just said and stuck with one thing — that DIDN’T promise instant riches — that i made any progress at all. Unfortunately, most people aren’t as persistent as me and quit long before they’ve traveled as far as i have in this game.

    Thanks for telling it like it is. I hope many people listen.

    Jennifer Herndon

  3. Len on August 16, 2008 8:12 am

    Thanks Jennifer,

    I’m glad you realized that in time for you to make something of this industry.

    And for those out there who are still struggling or feeling bad about their efforts, I need to say that I did the same thing, as I KNOW most of my peers did.

    I guess we all go through the trial and error and want to believe the Get Rich Quick fantasy.

    That’s why I wrote this piece.

    If I can make just ONE person see that there are certainty riches to be made on the Internet, but that they WILL have to work for it, then I’ll feel like I’ve done my job ;o)


  4. Marnie Pehrson on August 16, 2008 9:28 am

    Hi Len, you hit the nail on the head. Time is something most people don’t want to invest and it most definitely takes time to succeed. Most people think of a business as a green bean, but really a viable business is a fruit tree. You have to put some time and effort in to yield the fruit. It takes 3-5 years for a fruit tree to bear. But if you’ve done it right, it will keep bearing over and over again. If you do strike upon an idea that sprouts fast like a green bean it’s usually a one-hit wonder. Once a green bean plant has dried up, it’s gone. I wish more internet entrepreneurs would admit and realize that we’re growing fruit trees here!

  5. john park on August 16, 2008 11:51 am

    You are absolutely right. I’ve been learning about marketing a website only since Dec. 2007. Since then I’ve been bombarded with schemes and programs that say you will be rich in … days. My e-mail accounts (5) always have a pitch about a release coming up (build up pitch) about how you can get rich. Different promoters for the same scam. I have to laugh because if you could actually get rich off of these, then why aren’t they using it? Like you said, ” It takes hard work and time to be an overnight success.” I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve changed my home page because I felt it needed improvement. So far I think I’ve made about $132.00. I know it’s going to take time and I’ve accepted that. I still have a day job. At Night and on the weekends I work hard on my sites. To those who fall prey to those get rich schemes, the only people that are going to get rich are the ones you are sending your money to. Thanks Len

  6. Joanie on August 16, 2008 2:35 pm

    Hello, I am one of the people that get very over whelmed with so much to learn. I have thought about quitting but my determination to succeed keeps me going. I know it’s a lot of hard work and patients. It might be a long haul but it will be well worth it in the long run. Thanks for taking the time with us. Joanie

  7. Fabio (aka The Health Nut) on August 16, 2008 2:45 pm

    See, now if the copy that sells the product would read like that, then I bet marketers would get fewer complaints. Of course, they may also get fewer sales.

    Anyhow, it is not worth complaining about. I’m doing what I can with a very limited budget and limited time. I like internet marketing. And, I am going to keep trying to make it. We’ll see what happens and if finances and fate allow me to keep hanging in there.

  8. Chris on August 17, 2008 3:45 am

    But isn’t that the thing Len – every time punters are buying the dream, not the reality. Just read a few Warrior Forum threads and it jumps out at you – a number of posts saying, “Yeah, nothing special – you’ll see better in this forum” then a few posts of, “Great, where can I buy it!”.

    Many more internet marketers dream success than actually achieve it because they’re happier buying stuff and just reading about what can be done. Actually doing it means putting something on the line and being measured.

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