As most of you that have followed my blog know, it’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve posted anything, and the reason is simple…I RETIRED 🙂

I even took down this blog a few years ago. But I’ve decided I just HAVE to resurrect it now that the world is seemingly going to “Hell in a Hand basket”!

I never been a very political guy, and have made it my practice to keep my opinions mostly to myself. But it’s getting bad out there folks, and someone has got to speak up.

We are facing a very real possibility of losing our way of like, and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t at least try to do what I can to make it right while there is still time.

So I wrote the following letter to Mr. Donald Trump.

Now I know that he’s probably not going to ever see it, but if enough of us let him know how we feel (Cause I KNOW I’m not the only one), maybe someone in his organization will let him know that we believe he can fix this country, but that he’ll never get the chance if he isn’t elected.

Anyway…If you like the article and agree with me, please feel free to pass it on. If enough people post it somewhere (ANYWHERE) maybe it will get back to him.

There is great power in numbers! So stand up and be counted!!!



Dear Mr. Trump,

My name is Len Thurmond. I am an American citizen born and raised in GA.

Let me start by saying I doubt seriously that you will ever read this, but I love my country, so I have to try.

I and my wife have been staunch supporters of yours from the beginning. And as a proud man, and private citizen myself, I admire and respect your need to fight anyone who slanders you and yours, and at the fact that you refuse to to put up with the lies and innuendo that have constantly been thrown at you since you announced your candidacy. I am the same way, as I suspect most of the millions of Americans that are supporting you are.

And I, like most of your supporters love the fact that you are not a politician. These are the things that got you through the primaries, endeared you to us, and won you the nomination.

But it WILL NOT get you the Presidency! Like it or not YOU ARE A POLITITION NOW!!!

My wife and I argue with people on a daily basis about your ability to do the right thing and save our country. But it’s getting harder every day to maintain our arguments with those who oppose you.

This IS politics now Mr. Trump, and you have got to play the game if you want to win this election. Hillary Clinton can NOT become President of the United States of America!

This election is yours to lose. She has handed you this election on a gift wrapped silver platter, but you have thus far declined to use that gift to it’s potential. Instead, you choose to focus on matters that NO ONE cares about but you and your enemies.

I am not a politician, but even I can see what is going on.

In politics, especially if you are a Republican, the other party is ALWAYS going to take every word you say, twist it out of context, and attack you at every turn, and then the “Leftist” media will sensationalize it to keep the talking points off of their failings. They will make up stories, start false rumors, and in general, try their best to make your life miserable. That is what they do! That IS politics!

Even if you win, it will continue throughout your presidency, and probably for the rest of your life.

The Clinton machine knows full well she is a flawed candidate at best. That she is dishonest and corrupt. And that she has NO chance of winning this election unless they can make this about your flaws and unfitness to be Commander in Chief. And because she is such a disastrous choice for their candidate, they are doing the only thing they can to win, which is to bait you, in hopes that you will self destruct. By doing so, they keep the narrative in the press, on YOUR petty fights, and NOT on her own unfitness.

They bait you at every turn, and unfortunately, you bite at every hook they put in your face. THIS IS HOW THEY ARE GOING TO WIN!!!

Every Politician knows that the other side will throw everything they can at them, including lies, slander, made up stories, and out of context comments. They will look into your past, predict your future, and frame it to be a disaster for the country. But every politician also knows that they have to let these things slide, like water off a ducks back, and save their energy (and Press coverage) to fight for the things they are trying to accomplish, instead of their hurt feelings.

I believe strongly in your platform and ideas Mr. Trump.

I believe STRONGLY in the second amendment. I believe in my God given right to protect myself, my family and my country through the right to bear arms. And as a hunter and gun owner from childhood, they will have to pry my fire armes from my cold dead hands! And while I do not see the need for private citizens to have assault rifles and 30 round clips in today’s world, if things keep going down the path they are headed now, it may well become a necessity to have such weapons at hand. And I fear that 4 more years, like the last 7 1/2, might bring our nation to the brink of that perilous reality.

I believe STRONGLY in Border control. The illegal immigration problem is destroying our economy! I was a carpenter for over 25 years, and I have watched that industry devolve into one that is almost entirely composed of illegal immigrants. And I know that if I had to fall back on my EXTENSIVE knowledge and skills as a carpenter…I could not get a job! We have seen this happen in many other industries as well, where hard working Americans are forced to take a back seat to Illegal Immigrants who work for less, and steal our jobs. The rest of the illegal immigrants flooding our country (most of which don’t speak our language and have no useful skills), are living on the country’s dime. A dime that the hard working, tax paying American “citizens” are paying for. I don’t know how much of the 20,000,000,000,000 deficit is due to the exorbitant welfare and government subsidies system, but with millions of illegal immigrants living on that system, I’d be willing to bet it is a large chunk of it! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

I DO believe in LEGAL Immigration! Our country is made up of ‘Legal’ Immigrants and should always welcome those who wish to come to America legally, blend in, uphold our values and contribute to our society in a meaningful way. My wife and daughter are English. They came to this country legally, and spent 5 years and over $5000 going through the legal immigration system. They are now both proud to be American Citizens, and my wife has contributed to our country’s economy by starting a small business that employs people here in GA. So anyone who came (or comes) in legally is welcomed by us with open arms, and I will always fight for their right to do so.

I believe in fair trade agreements, that at the very lease benefit BOTH sides, not just theirs! We have got to get our businesses back on track and create a situation where they can compete with the rest of the world again. We do this by renegotiating a profitable solution to our current trade agreements; through tax reform that favors the creation and success of small businesses; by creating a system that makes our current large Corporations WANT to stay in this country; and by creating a system that brings back the ones that have left, by making it profitable for them to do so.

I believe that Radical Islam must be eradicated IMMEDIATELY, before it gets any stronger and proliferates more frequent and violent events, both abroad and within the borders of our own county. This must be done with a plan that wipes them out globally (both quickly and permanently), and NOT by just dropping a bomb here and there every once in a while, or by expecting others to do our dirty work for us. I do NOT want to see more of our military personnel die. But neither do I want to see my family die here in our own country. That is why we have a military. This is a war and MUST be treated as one, or we will lose!

I believe in all this and most everything else you stand for. And I believe that you have what it takes to get these things done.

But, Mr. Trump…You can not get anything done if you are not elected!

You NEED to unwrap that silver platter Clinton has given you, and use those gifts to crush her in this election. You NEED to stay on point and stop giving the press so much material to use against you.

In Short, Mr. Trump…You NEED to swallow your pride, stop biting at their bait, slam home the issues all Americans are concerned about, lay out a point by point plan to make your solutions work, and… BE THE PRESIDENT WE ALL KNOW YOU CAN BE!

If you do these things, you will win this election in a landslide!


I have to be honest with you and say that lately “I” have started to question whether or not you ARE “fit” to be president. If you can’t swallow your pride and concentrate on the things that are important to this country, instead of the personal things that are only important to you, than I fear I can not vote for you. And I promise you I am not the only one starting to feel this way. Much of your public is starting to wonder…What will he do if Putin insults him? Will he start us on a path towards WW III to get back at him, or will he just let it go as any responsible President should? What will he do if the Speaker of the House insults him? Will he start a press war with him, killing any chance of getting his proposals passed through the congress, just to get back at him, or will he think first about the country and let it slide to make his promises come true?

These are the things worrying the very people who have gotten you this far, Mr. Trump. And only YOU can fix it!

I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton, but I can not vote for you unless you start proving to me (and everyone else) that you are capable of putting the Country’s interests above your own hurt feelings.

You have the ammunition, You have the platform, You have the means to make America Great Again! Will you do it? Or will you continue down this path of self destruction, and throw away any chance of getting elected?

You have 3 months to get your message across and convince the public that you are the man for the job.

Tomorrow never comes Mr.Trump! If I were you, I’d get started today.

Len Thurmond
Replublican and Supporter of Donald J. Trump (for now)



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