Hey Folks! This Week I’d Like to talk a little bit about Article Marketing and How it Pertains to YOU if you plan on getting ANY Generic Search Engine Traffic …

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Article Marketing and You!

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how to market your sites, and we are going to devote some time in the coming weeks, to giving you a clear picture of what you need to do AFTER you build your sites.

This is NOT “The Field of Dreams” folks!

They WILL NOT COME just because you built it!

SO the million Dollar Question is … HOW do you get them there?

What is the “Secret” that the Big Boys know … that you don’t?

Truthfully, there really are no secrets, just a few simple to understand techniques and a lot of hard work.

There are many ways to get traffic to your sites, and most of them are based around methods of getting the Search Engines attention. And one of the most EFFECTIVE ways to get their attention is “Article Marketing”.

See, the Search Engines put a LOT of emphasis on how many Other Relevant sites are linking to yours. To them each time another site (which is based around the same basic niche) links back to you, they see it as a vote that you have a site worth it’s salt!

And the more sites that link to you, the more your site must be worth ;o)

But unfortunately, getting other sites to link to you isn’t as easy as you might think. Primarily because they are bleeding off their PR every time they link to someone outside of their site (unless they use a No-Follow tag. In which case the link is worthless to you anyway).

Consequently, they have to think in terms of “What’s In It For Me” before they’ll put a link to YOUR site on theirs.

And, over the years there have been a number of techniques devised to get links on other sites, that satisfy the What’s In It For Me question.

Things like …

Reciprocal Linking (linking to each other so that you both get an inbound link out of the deal).

Selling links on their high PR sites (generally the higher the ranking of the site, the more it costs as the search engines put more value on the links according to the ranking of the site the link is on).

Spamming Software (software products that seek out sites and blogs in relevant niches, that allow commentary to be posted to the sites, and then post links to YOUR site automatically on their sites).

Publishing Public Domain Articles (the practice of submitting articles to article archive directories that contain links back to your site).

And a number of other techniques that run the gambit from ingenious to devious!

Now … Most of these techniques worked well, for a while, but since it skewed the search engines premise that the more relevant inbound links you have, the better your site must be, they quickly learn to find and discount such links, through the use of their algorithms.

And in the end one of the few techniques that still works, is Article Marketing!

If you write articles tightly targeted to the niche your site is in, and submit them to the directories (giving other site owners the right to publish them on THEIR sites for content), and if you also put a link back to YOUR site in the “About the Author” blurb at the bottom of the article…

You get an inbound link from a site that is in your niche, every time someone publishes one of your articles on their site!

This is POWERFUL stuff!

It still works because the Search Engines see it as exactly what they are looking for. Quality Content! So it’s a win win situation for you, the site that published it, and the search engines as well ;o)

And because of this, it is a method of link gathering that will ALWAYS work!

Of course it DOES take some work on your part to write them (or money from you if you pay someone to do it for you), but in the end, it is a GREAT use of your time, and one of the safest and most effective ways to get useful inbound links I know of!

It used to be that just submitting your articles to multiple Article Archive Sites was all you had to do, since once they are listed on the Archive sites, you instantly have inbound links to your site from them.

But as is usually the case with any new technique that works, people started abusing the privilege by building software that mass distributed the articles to hundreds of Archive Sites, and the Search Engines had to stop giving credit for those as well.

And while it’s true that ANY inbound link is better than none (including reciprocal links, archive site links, or links from unrelated sites), all links are DEFINITELY not equal. And spending your time and resources to get links that won’t do you much good is just plain silly!

So … Do yourself a favor and start writing articles related to your site, and then submit them to the top directories such as Ezinearticles.com, GoArticles.com, and Articletogo.com

And don’t forget my own Article Directory AAArticles.com

It may not look like much, but it’s the directory that my Article Automator and Article Innovator software products pull from, and there are literally THOUSANDS of people using those products to find Articles. And in the case of Article Innovator to quickly and easily re-write them into usable, submittal, original content.

I know that was a Shameless Plug. But hey, they ARE great products or so many people wouldn’t still be using them ;o)

So till next time

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  1. Yvonne on August 4, 2008 9:45 am

    WOW! This is great Len, is this going to replace http://www.theaffiliatereview.com or an addition to it. I here you have http://www.thebestoftheaffiliatereview.com as well. Keep up the good work, missed you for a while there.

    Thanks Yvonne,

    No, The Len Thurmond Blog is NOT replacing my long time newsletter, The Affiliate Review. It is just a more personal blog for my readers to get to know me personally and find out what I’m up to.

    I’ll be writing both personal posts as well as my usual Marketing advice on a regular basis, and letting you know where I’ll be appearing in the days ahead.

    So thanks for visiting me here, and be sure to bookmark this and come back often. I look forward to hearing more from you and all my other friends.

    If you have any questions or anything else I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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