This is an continuation of my last post about How to make your blogs profitable …

Author: Len Thurmond

In my last post I talked about using Adsense to make money with tightly targeted Blogs. And TRUST ME … It is a GREAT way to monetize your niches!

But there are many other ways to build your business with blogs, and we’re gonna talk about one of them now.

If you’ve heard it once, I KNOW you’ve heard it a thousand times … THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST!!! And the reason you hear it so much in Marketing circles is because it’s ABSOLUTELY TRUE! No matter WHAT kind of business you’re in (online or off), your level of success and prosperity will ALWAYS be directly linked to the size and (more importantly) the QUALITY of your list.

If you have a corner Ice Cream store, and no one walks through your door … You’re NOT gonna make any money!

If you own a real estate company, and no one calls and asks you to show them the houses you’re brokering … You’re NOT gonna make any money!

Even if you are a doctor or lawyer, if you have no clients … You’re NOT gonna make any money! And having an online business is no different!

If you have a site that sells widgets, and you don’t accumulate a list of Widget Hungry People to market to … You’re NOT gonna make any money!

So as I said … The money IS in the list!!! But even though you hear it every where you go, almost NO ONE tells you step by step How To DO It.

Oh for sure, there are countless courses about what to do with a list after you get it …

*Give them lots of free stuff related to your niche …

*Constantly stay in touch with them by offering them more useful information about whatever your site is about, on a timely and frequent basis … *

Gain their trust and devotion by finding out what they need and then figuring out where to get it and how to make it available to them …

*Always GIVE more than you ask for in return (in other words, do NOT constantly bombard them with offers. Only ask them to buy something every once in a while, while continuing to find things that they would be interested in and giving them for free. Things such as articles, resources, examples, and reviews of products and services that pertain to your niche, etc.) …

*Be yourself! (Never try to be something that you are not. In the end you will attract people who like you for who you are, and THAT is your ultimate goal) …

*Let your list weed itself out and don’t fret over the ones that unsubscribe. (CELEBRATE the ones that leave, because you’re not interested in them anyway. You’re looking to build a core list of people who like you, trust you and want to hear what you have to say. It’s not the size of your list that counts, it’s the quality and loyalty that’s important) …

You have probably heard all or the above before. And it IS great advice! But it does NOT answer the main question, which is …


1. You have to attract people to your list and 2. You have to give them a reason to join your list

So let’s start with how you attract people in the first place.

There are a number of ways you can get people to a site where you can then coax them onto your list.

But it’s always better if they find you on their own, by seeking information about what they are interested in, and coming upon your site in the process.

If they find you through searching for information on the particular subject you are targeting, you know they are highly targeted prospects that are already interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, they will be far more likely to give you and your site a chance.

After that, it will come down to whether they like you and your style or not. And as I said, that’s the weeding out process where you develop a list that knows likes and trusts you for who you are.

Therefore, the BEST way to get targeted people to your site is through “Generic Search Engine Traffic”

Which simply means that when they do a search about a specific “Widget”, your site shows up in the search results, because it is optimized for information about that specific kind of “Widget”!

And as we discussed in the last issue, BLOGS are a GREAT way to get Highly Targeted, FREE Search Engine Traffic!

You simply write, find, or have written information about the subject your site is built around, and post it to your Optimized Blog.

If you do this the way I’ve laid out and continue to do this on a regular basis, providing good useful information, resources and advice for your niche, the search engines WILL send you the traffic you are looking for.

(NOTE: Of course you DO have to do a little marketing through Linking Strategies and Networking. But amongst other techniques, you can do a lot of that easily through your own sites if you plan ahead of time, and build a circle of niche sites that can be related to each other)

So … Now that you have a flow of prospects, how do you get them to join your list?

First you have to have something they want. In other words … You have to give them a reason to give you their name and email address.

So, you need something they want that you can give them for giving you their info.

(NOTE: Unless it’s REALLY REALLY NECESSARY, never ask for more than their first name and email address. After you have built a relationship with them and gained their trust, THEN you can ask for their Phone numbers or mailing addresses or whatever else you might need to complete your marketing plan. But try never to ask for anything but their first name and email address on the initial contact.)

Generally, the best way to get a worthwhile ‘bribe’ is to Find, Write, or have written a report of some kind that you can offer them on the subject at hand.

EXAMPLE: We recently put up a site about Allergies and wanted to build a list to market to down the road (I say down the road, because these things take time. You’ll need patience and persistence to build a responsive list, but it will pay off in the end, and KEEP paying for a long time to come)

So we found an ebook about Allergies that gave you the rights to give it away, and offered that to our visitors for their Name and email. (Of course we didn’t put it that way. We told them to fill in the form and we’d send them the Free report in an email ;o)

There are MANY places to find such reports that you can give away. One of the best we’ve found is … or do a search for free ebooks or PLR ebooks and reports in Google. There are thousands of people writing these things and giving them away for their Viral Effect! (Another Great Way to attract Targeted Prospects)

(NOTE: One Quick word of advice … Make DAMN sure what you give them is worth while! Read it yourself and make sure it has value, or the giving of it will do you more harm than good.

This is their FIRST contact with you. You only have One Chance at a first impression and you NEED to make it a good one! If necessary BUY the rights to something that has value, or PAY someone to write one for you.

It’s better to spend a little money up front to build a profitable relationship later, than to lose them because you gave them garbage!)

Once you’ve found something to give away that they would be interested in, you’ll need a List management system. I would suggest Aweber. It’s affordable and probably the best of it’s kind.

So you set up a list, create an Opt-in box (generally done easily through your list management service), put the Opt-in box on your site in a prominent place (usually at the top of the Sidebar Navigation Column) with a little enticing blurb about your free gift.

(NOTE: You don’t need to say much here to get them to bite. Remember, they are already interested in what you’re offering, or they wouldn’t have ended up on your site in the first place. If you don’t have faith in your own copywriting skills, you can usually take a small excerpt from the report itself, or off the sales page you got it from.

Then all you have to do is start the Normal marketing process by setting up an autoresponder that is full of great advice, tips or articles to help solve whatever problems, concerns or interests they have in your niche.

Send those auto-responses out to them one per day for a few days to a week, then about twice a week for a month or so, then every week or two after that.

Remember, it’s important to gain their trust and keep them interested in coming back to your site. And you do that through a good autoresponder series and by sending them little teasers every time you post to your blog, to get them to come to your site again and again to read what you have to say.

And while you have them there, be sure to have some things for them to click on that will make you some money, like Books, Services, Hard Products, Adsense or Pay Per Action Advertising. Just make sure whatever you are promoting is HIGHLY relevant to the reason they joined you in the first place.

And again, in the case of products or services, make sure they are worthwhile before you recommend them to your clientele.

And every once in a while, send them an Email offer as well!.

Once you’ve gained their trust, if you tell them you just found this Brand New “Widget” that is hands down the best you’ve ever used, and that you HIGHLY recommend they check out, they will fall all over themselves to get there and buy it, because YOU (their new found Widget “GURU”) said they needed to Check It Out!

Now I know this all sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not if you use the right tools and strategies.

Yes there is a bit of work up front, but once setup, you can put it all on autopilot and move on to the next blog or your next niche.

And Yes, Here Comes the Shameless Plug …

You can install your WordPress Blogs, set them up with content, and put them on complete Auto Pilot quickly and Easily with Auto Blogger and Article Innovator!

Just upload the articles you find, rewrite (or not), and format With Article Innovator (with or without Adsense or PPA or whatever else you wish embedded in your articles), upload them to your Auto Blogger Acct, and then set up your Auto Responder to coordinate with the timing of the Auto-Posts you scheduled to go out to your blog, to let your list know that you just posted another article with a link to your blog.

Then you just forget it while it gains popularity, and starts bringing in money, while you go on to build other streams of income.

So there you have it. You now have TWO ways of “Blogging For Fun and Profit”

Tune in again Next time when we’ll talk about Original content Verses Duplicate content and what that REALLY means … It might just surprise you!

Here’s to your success,


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3 Comments so far

  1. Samuel Cremona on August 8, 2008 1:35 pm

    Hello Len,

    I recently signed on to WordPress and they seem to be against using adsense. How are you able to do this?

    Samuel C

  2. Fabio on August 9, 2008 2:08 pm

    The is a great tip. I’m waiting to be able to download my Platinum auto-blogger account. It seems that the download page is being revised.

    I can’t wait to try and implement these strategies soon.

  3. Len on August 10, 2008 3:29 pm


    I assume you’re talking about the WP FREE blog hosting service, and frankly I do not know much about that.

    I do not use free hosting services (WP’s or anyone else’s) because they share the ip with hundreds of other blogs and dilute their effectiveness.

    But if you install WP on your own domain, there are a number of plugins that make it simplicity itself to add Adsense to your blogs and control it. (Auto Blogger has them built right into the WP Installation system.)

    Fabio, I’m not sure what the problem is, but I will look into it and contact you directly with the solution to your problem.

    As far as I know, the Platinum upgrade still works fine.


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