Joel Comm has been responsible for MANY incredible product ideas that have helped marketers (newbies and veterans alike) make a lot of money, and take their Internet Businesses to the next level.

And his newest innovation is no different!

He and his partner in this venture, Dan Nickerson, have developed the Ultimate WordPress Theme, called ‘Socrates’. And I have to admit that although I was a bit skeptical at first, figuring that it was just another theme to add to the thousands of WordPress themes already in existence…

I was WRONG!

I’ve know Joel for a number of years now and probably should have known that if he put HIS name on it…it would be special.

But I had no idea HOW special this one is!

The Socrates Theme turns out to be the easiest way to put out Targeted, HIGHLY Optimized, Professional looking Niche Blog sites that I have come across to date.

They’ve thought of everything, and built it right into the theme itself, all the functionality and optimization you need to get tons of Targeted FREE traffic to your new (or old) blogs.

And although you can most certainly use any plugins you wish with Socrates, what you find is that you don’t NEED anything that is not already there.

The instructions of use are second to none, making it a snap for even the most inexperienced newbie to put up great looking and totally optimized sites, in MINUTES!

This was one of the most impressive points in my review of Socrates.

A LOT of people are still struggling to do the things necessary to be successful with Niche marketing. No matter HOW many courses or software tools they buy.

But Joel and Dan have laid it all out for you in a way that anyone can understand and put to use right away. And then they’ve given you the only tool you will need to make it all happen!

Joel is known for his Google Adsense Prowess and his best selling books, courses and seminars have helped THOUSANDS of people to make fortunes with Adsense.

So of course, he has made it simplicity itself to add in your adsense code, and instantly create blocks of ads that will instantly monetize your blogs.

But they didn’t stop there! They’ve also made it quick and easy to add in any other affiliate products (or your own) that you wish too sell from your niche blogs. All strategically and AUTOMATICALLY placed for their fullest effect

And with the optimization that is built in, you’ll be getting FREE traffic in No Time!

Joel was kind enough to let me demo a copy of The Socrates Theme, and I am so excited about it’s functionality, ease of use, quick customization, and automatic Optimization, that I have already begun changing ALL my niche blogs over to it! And I don’t think I will ever create a new one without it.

But Socrates is SOOOO much more than just a simple Blog theme!

With all the incredible functionality that Joel and Dan have built into it, you can instantly create, sales pages, squeeze pages, and so much more.

And customizing your new sites is a SNAP!

You can use any of the over 200 professional header graphics that are included with the theme, or use your own, if you have them or want a designer to make a unique one for you.

You can add in or disable a multitude of functionality on a per page (or per post) basis, simply by clicking a button!

You have quick easy control over headers, backgrounds, ad placements, layouts, color themes, and just about anything else you might want to customize. (no more searching through all the confusing code in the WordPress Theme Editor to make your changes!)

They even have built in Squeeze Page forms that you can use to build your lists quickly and easily!

And so much more!

For me to tell you everything that Socrates is capable of, would take a LOT more room than I have here in this article (it’s already gotten a bit longer than I intended). But they go through it ALL in their comprehensive Videos and PDFs, so you will never have to wonder what to do next.

And as if that weren’t enough, they have a VERY active forum where you can get answers to your pressing problems quickly. Or just enter into the conversations about techniques on how best to market with blogs and to use Socrates to it’s fullest capacity, so that YOU can get the most out of this extremely powerful new site building opportunity.

And to sweeten the pie even more, Socrates comes with some of the best tutorials on Niche marketing (and also as you might expect coming from Joel Comm, how to profit with Google Adsense) that I have seen to date.

And the coolest part is that they are expanding the functionality of The Socrates Theme Marketing System on a DAILY basis. (As I understand it, some GREAT things are in the works for the very near future!)

You get all this and more for a very reasonable One Time Fee of only $77 for unlimited sites, less than HALF of what most comparable themes (as if there where any) are charging for unlimited licenses.

Joel always seems to be one step ahead of the crowd. And he’s done it again with the Socrates Theme.

This product has my HIGHEST rating! It’s not often I get this excited about an new product!

And if you’re serious about making money…you will go there and get your copy now!

Success in this business is about multiple streams of income. But that means creating multiple, optimized sites, which takes a lot of time.

But with the Socrates Theme, once you’ve done your research, you can crank them out in minutes!

I intend to have HUNDREDS of new Niche sites online in the next few months, and I won’t stop there!

Socrates has just made all this possible for ALL of us.

Do yourself a favor and go to…

And watch the very impressive short demo video. I think you’ll be as impressed as I was.

But once you start Using Socrates, you’ll not only be impressed…




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