I’ve been working with Traffic Geyser’s Video Marketing System a lot lately, and I have to say the results are VERY impressive.

I’ve been a member since it’s inception, but truthfully haven’t used it much up until now. I tested it when it first came out to make sure it did what it was built up to do, before I promoted it (as I always do), but then put it on the back burner and moved on to other things.

That was a couple of years ago, and they have recently made a lot of improvements on what was already a great program. So I decided to try it again.

The part I like best is that Mike Koenigs (the creator and co owner of Traffic Geyser) has come up with one of the best teaching set of coaching videos on Video Marketing (and internet marketing in general) that I have ever seen, and if you follow the step by step instructions closely, the system is easy to do and darn near foolproof.

AND…it gets the results it’s promised to get…and MORE!

One of Mike’s videos that I recommend you pay special attention to is the 10/10/4 video that teaches you how to get immediate high rankings with your videos almost immediately!

The only slightly negative thing I have to say about TG is that it DOES take a bit more work and time, than it appears at first glance. But everything worthwhile does, and once done, your campaigns will soar!

I achieved far better results than I could have ever expected using the 10/10/4 system laid out in Mike’s Marketing video. Each time I put up another of the videos in my series, it seemed to achieve page rank on the first page of videos for the keywords I used when setting them up, within a day.

If fact, in MOST cases, they dominate the entire first page! Many of them are listed 8 or 9 out of the first ten listings of the search results.

Pretty Impressive!

The key (as usual) is in your keyword research, which unfortunately most people get wrong, no matter HOW many courses they take!

But Mike has a keyword research video for that too. In fact several! And they are the most informative and easiest to understand training videos on that subject that I have ever watched, allowing virtually anyone to become a keyword research expert in no time!

As with all of Mike’s training videos, he lays out everything step by step. But more importantly, he does it in a way that you can actually understand and follow (a very rare thing in today’s world).

It takes a bit of time to set up your first marketing campaign and get your first videos out. But once done, you can save your profiles for each campaign, so you only have to do it once for each (or once period if you want to use the same video directory sources for all your campaigns).

And of course, you DO have to make the videos. And there is no getting around the fact that they take some time to edit and get ready for publishing (unless you are a video wizard that can do everything perfectly on the first take). But Mike has given you a number of videos on how to make that as easy as possible too.

And once you’ve done your first campaign and understand the system, it really doesn’t take that long to do the next. And they just get quicker and easier each time. (Although again, not QUITE as quick as it looks when Mike demos it ;o)

All in all, I think Traffic Geyser is probably the best traffic building and list building source on the market today. Why…Because it actually works as billed!

There have been a lot of other traffic generator systems that have come and gone, and there will no doubt be a lot more in the future.

But the Traffic Geyser video marketing system has already stood the test of time, and is just getting (and working) better with age!

So If you need Traffic for ANYTHING (your products, affiliate products, your blog, or even to build targeted lists…Traffic Geyser has my highest recommendation!



P.S. As I am a compensated affiliate, and the FTC requires that I tell you so…Consider it done. I will make money if you decide to join Traffic Geyser But then again…SO WILL YOU ;o)

You can find out everything you need to know to make an informed decision about Traffic Geyser at…



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