Ya know it’s strange, but most people live with their head in the sand. They think that just because they are a “Little” guy, they don’t have to worry about posting the federally mandated legal disclaimers and documents on their sites.

Such documents as Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Children’s Privacy Policy, income Disclaimers, and Affiliation affidavits, just to mention a few.

But the truth is, that the FTC is not prejudiced against the “Little Guys! In fact…they’ll take down ANYONE that snubs their nose a them. Big brother doesn’t like it when we ignore his Rules!

I hear it all the time…”But my site gets so little traffic that they’ll NEVER find me amongst the Billions of sites out there that are more prominent than mine!”


You have to understand that the FTC is Powerful Governing body that is terribly Understaffed. And therefore, although hey DO actively look at the “Big Boy” sites all the time, they generally rely on complaints filed by consumers for their investigation prospects.

And trust me when I tell you that ANYONE can piss someone off enough for them to file a complaint!

It only takes ONE disgruntled customer to bring your sites to the attention of the powers that be. And even if their complaint is bogus, and you have nothing to worry about from a suit from that customer, once you’ve been flagged, your site will most definitely get put under the microscope. And God help you if it’s not compliant!

‘Cause the FTC is an “Equal Opportunity” bully! And they’re not too proud (or Busy) to take down the “Little” guy, as well as the “Big Boys”

So just because you’re not running a multi billion dollar a month site, don’t think for a moment that you don’t have to worry.

YOU are as susceptible as anyone. And it’s Moronic to put off being compliant, just because you don’t think it’ll ever happen to you.

ESPECIALLY when it’s so easy to do!

So get on it now!

Put up your Terms of Use policy!

Put up a Privacy Policy with Children’s Privacy policy!

And stop using those outrageous testimonial claims unless you can also tell them what the “AVERAGE” consumer can expect to accomplish!

And last but not least…Conspicuously tell your readers what your affiliation is with the products and services you promote!  Are you an affiliate? Did you get a freebie or a bonus for promoting for them?

The FTC feels your readers have a right to know these things. And whether you agree or not…IT IS THE LAW!

So stop messing around and Comply Today!

“Cause when the FTC comes knowing on YOUR door…It’s ALREADY Too Late!

Len Thurmond



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