Hey Folks,

I have just finished watching a video on building successful Sites that the
search engines love to send traffic to, by one of the most successful and
respected marketers in the world … Gauher Chaudhry.

This is what he said, “Apparently this Google Duplicate Content Rule, I believe,
is a MYTH for Natural SEO, and I also believe it’s a myth with Paid Results. So
I wouldn’t be afraid to use articles that are already appearing on other
websites. It works for me, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t work for you!”

This just emphasizes what I’ve believed all along, and what I’ve heard COUNTLESS
times from MANY other successful marketers … “You CAN be successful using
article directory articles for content on your sites, as long as it is relevant
to the subject of your site!”

Naturally, original content is better. But even then, only if it is of a high
enough quality. If your original content sucks, you’re better off with someone
ELSE’S articles than your own!

The real value of original content is in the benefits you get from submitting
them to the Article Directories yourself, thereby getting the backlinks and free
advertising from other sites, that comes with that technique.

But if you’re building a LOT of niche sites or blogs that need content, and you
don’t have the time, ability, or finances to write (or have written) your own
quality articles, you should feel confident in using relevant, informative
articles that someone else has written.

NOW … You can search for the articles you need the hard way, or use Article
Automator to find them, format them, and get them ready to publish instantly,
with a few clicks of the buttons.


Article Automator will even create snippets, sitemaps and RSS feeds for you,
that you can use to create Search Engine Friendly Niche targeted sites, that can
be monetized in any number of ways. (including Adsense, which Article Automator
will ALSO add to your articles automatically!)

Article Automator even has a “WritePad” function that makes it quick and easy to
rewrite those articles if you so choose, to create brand new Original content
that you can then take and submit to the various Article Directories for your
advertising needs!


Article Automator has been around for a while, and we have diligently upgraded
it over the years to keep it viable for current times and publishers needs.

In fact, we just upgraded Article Automator again yesterday, and added new
sources to it and made it work on machines that are now using the new IE8
browser, so you now have even MORE Article Directory Sources to choose from.

AND I have Ash working on MORE upgrades as we speak!

SO … because of Gauher’s video, and because I have always believed that the
Duplicate Content Rule was a MYTH anyway … I’ve just decided to run a Memorial
Day Special and make you an Unbelievable offer on Article Automator.

From now through Memorial Day (Monday May 25th) you can get Article Automator at
a SIGNIFICANT discount of over 30% OFF the normal price!

AND … I’ll even throw in a copy of my recently released Placement Innovator
software … for NOTHING!


You KNOW Content is the key to getting Targeted SEO traffic. And NOW you can get
it quickly and easily for ALL your sites with Article Automator!



PS … I forgot to mention that not only do you get the free bonus of Placement
Innovator, but also that you get ALL the bonuses that normally come with it at
Full Price! (You can read more about those at

So … ACTUALLY You get…

Article Automator … a $97 Value

Placement Innovator … a $147 Value

Placement Magic with Resale & Branding Rights … a $47 value

Adwords Ads Swipe File … a $97 Value

Placement Advertising System, The Step By Step Plan … $67 Value

And All Upgrades at NO Cost to YOU Ever! … PRICELESS!

So ACTUALLY, That’s OVER $450 worth of REAL products for the Ridiculously Low
One Time Only Price of Just … $67!


So what are ya waiting for?

This sale ends in two days! No exceptions!

Do it NOW while you still have time!


PPS … If you live in the States, I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day Holiday!
If not … Have a great day anyway ;o)

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