As you know, I don’t promote too many products from other people. Mostly because it’s not often that I find a program that I can get behind.

And unlike so many other marketers out there, I don’t believe in just promoting anything that comes down the pike with a big payday, just to make a buck.

In fact, you could probably count the number of outside products I’ve promoted in the last year on one hand!

But I just came across one that I think is truly worth while and that will be helping a LOT of people make a real income over the next few months and years. So I wanted to let you know about it right away.

And I got them to make me up a special page that skips the Squeeze page and sends you straight to the meat of the matter, so you can see for yourself what I immediately saw in this great new program, without having to dig through the mountains of email that generally come with a program release like this!

I’ll be reviewing this more extensively in my blog in the coming weeks, but since the program is closing on Monday, I wanted to make sure you got a chance to look at it and decide if it was right for you while there was still time.

This course is FULL of great stuff that even I didn’t know, but the best part is the way Dax teaches. He has an easy going, no fluff, honest way about him that is a breath of fresh air in today’s climate of hard Sell, huge promotions that rarely live up to their hype.

This one DOES live up to it and more!

I wish I’d had more time to promote this, but as I said, it closes after this weekend.

So Go Here Now => and see for yourself!

You’ll be Glad you did!


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  1. Alan Wood on July 2, 2010 2:09 pm

    Hi Len,

    It has been awhile since I have talked to you. I just want to say that in the past I used your program article automator. It was and is the greatest easiest program I have ever used to product ongoing content. Unfortunately in the recent past a lonely hackeer took the privilege of entering my computer and destroying the vast majority of my files which included the automator file. I was using it on a month to month basis and I was unable to retrieve it through my recovery program.

    I shall in the near future regain the use of the program but I am not able to do so at the present time. I just wanted to let you know and anyone who is sitting on the fence that one of the best content sites and programs available is your article automator.

    Good luck with your future endeavors…


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