Placement Magic – Chapter 3

Google Adwords Placement Ads!

Author: Len Thurmond

With Google Adwords you have many options that you can use, depending on your campaign and objective, and some of them, although convenient, are better than others. But for my money, the best program they have instigated to date is the placement program. Adwords Placement allows you to advertise your ads on sites that YOU choose. Sites that through your research you have found to be frequented by those who would be specifically interested in what YOU have to sell! This is an AWESOME opportunity!

I mean think about it.

How could you do better than to place your Obedience Training Video product, on a blog or site that is about raising a good dog for your family pet? When you advertise with Google’s “regular” Adwords PPC system, you are at the mercy of their Algorithms to try and find sites that are somewhere in the same vicinity of the same niche as your products. And frankly, they ARE pretty good at it. But there is NO WAY they could possibly be as accurate as you can, if you spend the time to find sites whose visitors are UNIQUELY interested in your product or service, and have Google ONLY advertise on those sites!

It just doesn’t GET any better than that!

Imagine if you had a magic, humane, training device that solved the problem of Aggressive Dogs that have behavioral problems. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if you could advertise that product on blogs, forums, and sites that were dedicated to finding a solution taming their pets so they wouldn’t have to euthanize them? Do you think you could SELL your miracle training device to these people if you could get your offer in front of them?

Or how about if you had a software program that creates online Legal Documents such as Auto Web Law! Do you think you could sell a few copies to people that visit sites that answer questions about online legal documents and where and how to find an attorney to help you get those documents?

You may be thinking that sites like this would be crazy to advertise YOUR product on them.

And you’d be right! But the fact is that far more of these types of sites than you might think use Adsense as a secondary source of income. And if they publish Adsense on their sites to make an extra buck, then YOU can advertise on them!

It’s just that simple!

(NOTE: It should be noted that not ALL sites that publish Adsense allow Placement Ads. Adsense Publishers DO have the right to refuse to publish Placement ads. But the truth is that not Many Adsense Publishers know that they even exist, much less that they have that choice. So if you find a site that is perfect for you to advertise on, and they Publish Adsense on it, there is a VERY good chance that you will be able to use it in your Placement Campaign.)

So it’s really just a matter of choosing the appropriate sites and setting up a Google Adwords Placement campaign to do a campaign. There is one other choice you need to make concerning your Placement campaigns, and that is whether to do a CPC or a CPM campaign. Let me explain…

Be sure to come back next week for…

Chapter 4 – CPC ‘vs’ CPM

But if you don’t want to wait…

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