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I have tried my best to include everything I could think of in this step by step tutorial; that I thought might be pertinent to the Adwords Placement Marketing Experience.

So much so, that at times it may seem that I am rambling a bit, as one thought often led to another one that I had not intended to write about, but that suddenly seemed important to convey.

But trust me, there IS method to my madness, and I hope you will enjoy Placement Magic, as well as learn some valuable lessons from it that will help your dreams come true.

The following Index is intended for you to be able to come back to at any time in the future and refresh your memory on any particular part of this tutorial that you might need refreshing in.

It is intended to make it easy for you to find those particular parts you wish to review without having to scroll through the entire text to find them.

HOWEVER…It is important that you read this entire manuscript from top to bottom the first time around, so that you understand both the concepts and the techniques you will learn here today.

REMEMBER…These are the secrets and tricks that Google does NOT want you to know. So study them carefully, and make sure you understand them before you try to employ them yourself.

Even if you are an accomplished Marketer and have had great success with Adwords, you may find a few “Gems” in here that you might not currently be employing.

So yes…Even YOU should read every word!

Here’s To Your Success,

Len Thurmond

1 – Interested Eyes

Reason tells us that you can’t sell anything if no-one knows you have it to

And THAT is the biggest problem that any entrepreneur faces…

How to get Targeted, Interested eyes on what you have to offer!

Creating products is easy. All you have to do is PAY ATTENTION!

Keep your eyes and ears on what’s going on in your niche, and look for problems (or Hassles) that need fixing.

Then come up with a plausible solution and find someone to build it for you.

I’ve made a fortune over the year’s just identifying things that I do, that I could make easier for me through software and then finding a programmer to  make it happen.

Then once tested and proven I make those software products available to the public.

Because, it stands to reason that if it made a job significantly easier for me, there are OTHERS out there that would see the benefit of using it as well.

So the key here really is to look for things that make YOUR life easier, not to look for products to make for sale.

When looking to create such a product, your first step is to go to Google and do a search for coders; here you will find a whole selection of organizations that deal with coders who will do the work you require at a reasonable cost to you.

And similarly, I and hundreds of others have done the same thing with various services that make life easier for those who use them. Or writing tutorials (Just Like This One) that explain HOW to do something that people are wanting to know about.

And to make it even easier, in today’s market, you don’t even have to invent or own it yourself!  There are literally millions of solutions to as many problems, available for you to sell as an affiliate.

So all you REALLY have to do is pick a niche and then FIND a product or service to sell for someone else! And there are hundreds of great sources for Affiliate products on the web that sell everything from Marketing Software, to books and ebooks of all kinds, to household goods and clothes, and all points in between.

All you need to do is go to Google and so a search for affiliate networks and you will find all the sources of affiliate products you could ever wish for…

So there REALLY is NO excuse for not being able to find a product for whatever
niche you are into these days!

No…The hard part has always been HOW to get the people who are interested in
what you have to sell, to your site!

But there is a very simple and easy to use solution…

You can just BUY the traffic you need!

Buying advertising is not new. Marketers of all kinds have been using paid advertising for centuries.

Even Hundreds of years ago, “Hawkers” were paid by store owners to walk through
crowds and scream out the offers of their benefactors.

And how long do you think Signs have been in use? I assure you people have been
paid to allow sings to be posted on their well traveled properties for a LOOOONG

Then along came the Printing Press that changed the face of advertising forever, as more and more entrepreneurs began to use the printed word to get their offers distributed, at first by Hand, then by Mail, and then when the electronic age came to pass, by Television, and finally the Internet!


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