Author: Len Thurmond

Google has leveled the playing field for EVERYONE with their Adwords program, by making paid advertising that attracts Highly Targeted Prospects to your site, at a VERY affordable price!

As with ANY advertising, it’s up to YOU to write copy that converts your prospects into Customers! But there simply is NO better way to guarantee Interested, Targeted Traffic to your pages than Google.

And contrary to popular belief, the use of Google Adwords is a SCIENCE! NOT a gamble!

A lot has been written about Google Adwords and some of it is actually very good. But you have to be careful, because SOME of it is incomplete, and if you don’t set up and maintain your campaigns properly, you’ll lose your shirt!

And ALSO contrary to popular belief, Google’s Tutorials on how to best use their Adwords system, is NOT your best source of information. In fact, it will lead you down a VERY expensive path and end up costing you MANY times more than it should.

I mean think about it for a moment. Google is a company that is in it for the money. So doesn’t it make sense that they would tailor their tutorials towards making you spend as much money with them as possible, while still keeping you interested?

Of course it does! And that’s EXACTLY what they do!

If you follow their instructions to the letter, you will most probably make a profit. And if you MAKE a profit, you will come back for more and continue to do it over and over again, Right? I mean really …

“If it Ain’t Broke … Don’t Fix It”, Right?


They will show you how to make a profit to be sure.

But NOT the percentage of profit you COULD be making, if you knew all the tricks the “Big Boys” use!

(You know the ones that Google doesn’t WANT you to know about!)

And while there are as many techniques that work in as many situations, I want to concentrate on just ONE of the most profitable here in this Tutorial…

Here’s to Your Success,


PS…I sent out the following email to all of you yesterday. And since you’re HERE now, I KNOW this is something you’re gonna want to check out Right Away!

Hi Folks, It’s finally ready.

Just in time for Tax Season!

And since I know we ALL need money at this time of year, I think you’re REALLY gonna like this ;o)

If you’ve been reading my emails lately, you know I released a tutorial a week or so ago called Placement Magic that lays out exactly how you use Google’s VERY Lucrative Placement Advertising step by step!

And if you’ve ever done any Placement Advertising (and had any success at it), you know how time intensive it can be to properly do the research you need to do to make it work for you.

Well, Today, I’m gonna solve that problem for you Once and for ALL!

Introducing “Placement Innovator“!

The software that literally does ALL that research for you…And MORE, with just the click of a single button!

You have to see it to believe it!

So, Check it out NOW at

You’ll be GLAD you did!


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