I recently tried a new product called "Push Button Cash Site" that was recommended by some pretty heavy hitters. And the following is my review of that product…

The first thing you’ll notice when you view the sales page, is that it seems too good to be true. And whenever something seems too good to be true…It PROBABLY is.

And this product is no different!

The owner of this product has opted to use a sales technique that is becoming WAY to prevalent in today’s marketing. And that is the practice of selling of the initial product for next to nothing, but then hitting you with one after another up-sells, After the Sale, to make it work properly. In this case, there were no less than a half dozen up-sells, offering the product each time at a lowered price.

I don’t know about you, but that alone puts me off. Why can’t they just be honest up front and let you know that there are up-sells that would help you be more successful, rather than waiting until they have roped you in and then telling you that if you are serious about making this work,you should spend more money!

Oh well, I guess that’s just as good a commentary as any, on what marketing has lowered itself to these days.

And like so many others that use this less than honest technique, this one talks about things in the marketing material that you can’t actually do, unless you spend more than the original asking price.

OK…Enough about that! Let’s talk about the product itself…

After getting into the product and actually putting it to use, you find that it actually does a fairly good job at populating your blogs with material, but as with any auto blogging system, you have to watch it pretty closely and constantly delete irrelevant material.

But the thing that put me off the most was the way he insists that once you set it up (which actually does only take about an hour per site), you never have to touch it again. And HUGE amounts of traffic will mysteriously start coming to your site!


Anyone who knows anything about marketing, knows that there is a LOT more to getting traffic than putting up a site. Yea sure, if you have it up for long enough (and I’m talking years here, not weeks), and if the material on your site is relevant, you WILL eventually start seeing some traffic (albeit not very much).

But if you want it to do well…You Have To MARKET IT!

You have to get backlinks, do article marketing, do social marketing, and write original material! You can’t just set up a blog with auto populated public domain material, and expect it to do well without ever having to touch it again.

And to prove that point, I set up several sites over a month ago, following his instructions to the letter, and let them sit to see what would happen.

And as I expected, NOTHING happened!

To Date, I have received a total of 15 visitors to ALL of them. And have made NO money whatsoever, neither through adsense nor the clickbank products he suggested I put on them.

To be totally fair, the system is pretty ingenious, and as I said, it does a fairly good job at putting up somewhat relevant material on autopilot (although it could use a few more controls to make it work better). But there is now way it (or any other auto blogging system) is ever going to make you money unless you go to the trouble of marketing those sites!

So MY review is this…

If you’re looking for a system to help save you some time by automatically populating your blogs for you, with little work from you… And you’re willing to go the extra mile and use that time you saved to market those sites properly, then "Push Button Cash Site" might not be a bad investment (although I would not recommend going for the up-sells as you can get what you need from the basic product).

But if you’re looking for a "Push Button" alternative to working, forget it.

There Just Ain’t No Such Animal! Not Here, nor anywhere else that I have found!

Course, That’s just my opinion…I COULD be wrong!

Here’s to your continued success,
Len Thurmond

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